Why Open Streets?

We want to inspire Peterborough to become the healthiest and happiest city it can be. By opening the streets to people, Peterborough Pulse promotes healthy and active communities, local business, and interactions among neighbours.

Biking and walking at Pulse

Biking and walking at Pulse

Promotes healthy living

  • Provides free and inclusive recreation for people of all ages & abilities
  • Creates outdoor space where physical activity is accessible, social, and fun
  • Encourages active transportation, including walking, biking, skateboarding, rolling, and more 
Pop-up park on George St.

Pop-up park on George St.

Reimagines public space

  • Enables you to use active transportation
  • Demonstrates the benefits of people-friendly streets by creating space for people and active transportation
  • Showcases exciting examples of livable urban design, including pop-up parks, street cafes, pedestrian markets, bike parking, and more


Street sales at Pulse

Street sales at Pulse

Celebrates the downtown

  • Draws tourism into your downtown
  • Showcases local businesses, restaurants, and shops along the route
  • Spotlights the vibrancy and excitement of shopping downtown
Downtown Youth Space

Downtown Youth Space

Enhances community bonds

  • Celebrates your city's community and culture
  • Connects you to your community and each other
  • Introduces you to local groups and organizations

Why Peterborough Pulse?

Peterborough Pulse is the city’s largest Open Streets event. Open Streets temporarily transform our largest public space - our streets - into a paved park. Streets once filled with cars instead fill with families pushing strollers, dog-walkers, cyclists, rollerbladers, art installations and more.

Open Streets is a global initiative that has been sweeping North America for over 40 years as a way to promote physical activity, healthy lifestyles and livable cities. In 2014, 100+ initiatives were organized in cities, including Hamilton, Waterloo, Ottawa, Toronto, and Thunder Bay.